Spiritual Psychology

“We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings on a human journey” – Wayne Dyer


My fundamental belief in helping clients cultivate curiosity as a framework for conscious living can often lead clients down a path of deeper discovery and exploration into the realm of the soul. You may have already been aware of the spiritual aspects of your life but are curious of the ways in which your soul can play a more prominent role as guide to your life, or you may have experienced something painful that brought you into therapy and having now resolved that, you are eager to continue growing spiritually. No matter the circumstance, If you feel drawn or connected to the spiritual experiences in your life and want to find a way of soulfully integrating them on your journey of healing, I am here to support you. I offer a spiritually-informed approach to therapy that is rooted in Transpersonal psychology. Transpersonal psychology acknowledges that we are spiritual beings and draws from all the major spiritual and mystical traditions of the worlds’ teachings and practices and lifestyles intended to support a conscious, healing-driven life.


Spirituality offers us another way of change that utilises the capacity of the soul.  The marriage of spirit and psyche can give birth to a new outlook on life and a more peaceful and spiritually satisfying life. Clients who want to delve into the alchemic magic of soul work can expect a therapeutic space within which I will journey into the unknown with you as you learn to navigate the workings of the soul and discover the spiritual and psychological treasures it holds. Our souls already know the path of healing and growth – if we awaken and listen to its wisdom, a healthier and more authentic life awaits.