Integrative and Transpersonal Approach

In the same way that it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a supportive nurturing and nourishing holding environment to become a conscious and mindful therapist committed to not only the clients’ journey, but also their own. Drawing from my approach to cultivate curiosity as a framework for conscious living our supervision space becomes a safe and accepting environment within which we will develop a playful curiosity about your role as a growing practitioner and uncover, unpack, discover and connect with the parts of you that are active in the therapeutic relationship with your clients. The magic of supervision is that it becomes a place where we can resolve, experiment, and play through whatever challenges we are facing in our work with clients and it reinvigorates us in ways that allow us to continually grow not only our therapeutic relationships with clients, but our relationship with our practitioner-self. Supervision is an important space within which your own learnings will open up new landscapes you can safely navigate and move through with your clients.

I am a Registered Supervisor and I offer supervision to individuals and groups at my offices in Central London, or online. If you want more information on my supervision offering, please contact me.