Integrative and Transpersonal Approach

I believe that good supervision is the foundation to becoming a great therapist.  The role of a supervisor is to help the therapist, unpack on a deeper level what material is present in the relationship between therapist and client in order to understand how to further support the client in the work.

One of the most important foundations of supervision is the parallel process that is mirrored between client and therapist. The key aspect of this is helping the supervisee to understand that they are in fact already experiencing that which they need to in order to fully see and understand the client. I believe this is the essence of supervision that allows both therapist and client to increase their awareness and thus their healing. The shadow side of therapy is often forgotten in our work and the importance of balancing the dark and light often needs to be named.

My role as a supervisor is to provide the space for my supervisees to express themselves wholly and know that they are supported in all areas of their learning.

I provide supervision to individuals and groups and have been a clinical supervisor for Brent Bereavement Services, a charity that has been providing counselling for bereaved people since 1997.

I am currently providing individual supervision in the framework of private practice and online.