Therapy Approach

Cultivating Curiosity as a Framework for Conscious Living


Just like there is no one blueprint to living a fulfilling and enriching life, there are no one-size- fits-all approaches to therapy that will guarantee positive change and transformation. We are all unique individuals and our lived experiences are different. Therefore, my approach to treatment is wholly guided by your present needs and your unique vision for a healthier future.


No matter what approaches or practices we engage with in our work together, you can always be assured that you will be welcomed into a nurturing and nourishing environment where you have permission to delve into, explore, unpack, uncover, and discover not only the parts that are in need of healing but the healthy and resilient parts that have not only helped you survive all of life’s ebbs  but that have the power to help you thrive as you return to your true self.


To do this my primary aim is always to help you cultivate your curiosity for conscious living within a safe and contained therapeutic space. In bringing my own affirming and accepting curious spirit into our shared therapeutic space, we can cultivate your ability to become curious about all of those unexpressed and vulnerable parts of self that have been neglected or forgotten. In re-connecting with and exploring these parts, you are not only engaged in a process of healing the wounds from the present and the past but you are finding your own self-healing spirit that will allow you to live a conscious, healing-driven life in future.


“Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Gustav Jung